Kids’ Corner: Bad Habits That Hurt Our Kids

Stress much? Oftentimes, stress is a trigger for arguments with our spouse, and we argue while our family serves as our audience.

Arguing may make us feel better at first but horrible later. The type of negative stress our kids experience after an argument in the family has been linked to an increased risk of obesity in children in their teenage years.

Other negative venues for our children? Breeding competition in the minds of our kids. For example, telling our kids their peers (classmates, neighbors, best friends, etc.) are better athletes is rarely a good idea. Positive reinforcement is a better alternative. Pointing out personal improvement in a recent interest, or having fun outdoors are worthwhile opportunities for praise.

Also, do you text at the table? If so, we’re setting a bad example. Actions speak louder than words, so we should put our phones away if we want our families to interact more at the dinner table. Studies have shown that children who spend more time in front of screens are more likely to have problems with sleep, academic performance, and weight gain later in life.