Dilworth’s Freedom Park

Freedom Park (1)Have you ever gone to the park for a picnic under the shade of a weeping willow tree? A breeze rushes by and the leaves whisper as the entire tree sways in the wind. I love Charlotte because you can walk your dog in your neighborhood one minute and lay like a root under an umbrella tree at Freedom Park the next.

The trees at Freedom Park stand proudly. Their thick branches, widely spread, are called home by our feathered friends. They are majestic, tall, and strong. They even provide a venue for long lost lovers who carved their names in bark. The next time Fido wants to get out and play, take him to the leafy screen of trees at Freedom Park to play. This is where Mushu and Maia just spent the afternoon.

Mushu and Maia at Freedom ParkFreedom Park (6)


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